Yes, we do print custom-sized comics. For now custom sizes are offered only on saddle stitched and perfect bound.

Whether we can print your specific custom-sized comic depends on whether your custom-sized job fits within the range of our print capabilities. Which are —

— 5 inches minimum up to 8 inches maximum — saddle stitched or perfect bound.

— 7 inches minimum up to 10.5 inches maximum — saddle stitched.*
— 5 inches minimum up to 10.5 inches maximum — perfect bound.

To place a custom-sized order use the Standard-Sized order form for either saddle stitched or perfect bound depending on how you want your order bound. Standard Sized pricing applies for all custom-sized jobs.

*Our stapling units have a fixed position — approximately 5 inches apart. We need an extra inch beyond each staple to be certain that no staples come in contact with the trimming unit because that could chip a blade.