Ka-Blam is a digital printing company that specializes in short run comic book printing.

Digital printing uses high end laser technology to simulate the look of traditional offset printing.  This allows us to  produce comics and paperbacks without the high overhead and huge print runs that come along with traditional printing.  Our service allows creators and publishers to print to their needs — with the ability to come back as often as needed for additional copies — rather than print thousands of copies at a time.

Ka-Blam is the ideal solution for independent comic publishers looking for an alternative to traditional printing and for webcomic creators looking to put their work into print and thereby add an extra revenue stream to their business.

We can print in amazing full color or crisp black & white (btw, grayscale counts as black & white — so long as there are only black, white, and shades of gray on the page) and in quantities as low as 1 at surprisingly reasonable prices.