Absolutely. We will not print anything that is illegal, defamatory, or infringes upon the rights of another person or company.

But that’s probably not what you were asking about, is it? You’re probably asking about nudity and sexual content, huh? In that case, the short answer is this — We’ll print ‘R’, but not ‘X’ and certainly not ‘XXX’. It’s not a puritanical thing. Really. It’s based on sound legal advice we received and have chosen to heed, having to do with the voluminous and wildly varying laws around the country (and the world) regarding ‘obscenity’ and the transport thereof.

We’ve elected to print no comics (or comics related material) containing any scenes of an explicit sexual nature.

We take copyright and trademark issues very seriously here. We will never knowingly print anything that infringes on the trademark  or copyrights of others.  If you want us to print comics or posters of well known media properties, then you’ll need to show us that you have a license.

We also will not print  scans of pirated comics.  Please don’t send them to us and expect us to print them.  We absolutely will NOT do it.