In 2005, after nearly a decade of freelancing for publishers large and small, Thomas Florimonte Jr. and Barry Gregory left the world of creative work-for-hire and formed Ka-Blam Digital Printing.

After a few months of preparation, Ka-Blam officially opened for business in early 2006.

The idea was a simple one … create a high quality, low cost printing solution for the under-served independent comics community.

Thomas and Barry created a system that would allow independent publishers and self-publishing creators to set print runs based on their immediate needs — not on quantity thresholds — and then to re-order in any quantity at their convenience as they needed.  Such a system would allow creators and smaller publishers to focus on creating and marketing their comics, not worrying about how they were ever going to afford a
print run.

Ka-Blam’s innovations didn’t stop there.  Ka-Blam was the first comics printer to structure pricing in such a way as to make full color comics printing easily affordable for anyone.  At the time Ka-Blam launched there was virtually no such thing as a full color “small press” comic.  Now more than half of Ka-Blam business is now from full color comics printing.

Ka-Blam was also the first to eliminate setup fees, further lowering the barrier to entry for small publishers.

The independent comics scene took notice.

Ka-Blam’s growth has been explosive. In a little over seven years of operation Ka-Blam has amassed almost 16,000 registered users, processed nearly 200,000 orders, and put almost 2 million comics into print. From two part-time employees working out of a small office with one digital press, Ka-Blam now has five full time employees  and operates from a multi-office suite more than seven times the size of their original space.

In 2007, Ka-Blam launched the first printed-on-demand online comics shop.  IndyPlanet  quickly grew into the greatest selection of independent comics available anywhere ever. There are now more than 7,000 comics available at IndyPlanet … with more added every single day.

Over the years, Ka-Blam has also expanded their offerings to include not only comic book printing, but also paperbacks,  and posters and prints.