We promise never to sell, transfer, or divulge to anyone not employed by us in an official capacity ANY information given to us by any of our customers in the course of our dealings with those customers.

I’m sure it would be interesting for you to know who is buying your books at IndyPlanet, but we simply cannot share that information with you. Whenever a customer registers to use our services we make a promise to them that we will not share with any other person or entity any information they provide to us in the course of our interactions. It’s the ONLY way we can operate really. Our customers have to know that they can trust us with their private information or the whole system falls apart.

If IndyPlanet customers choose to contact you … that’s terrific! I would even encourage you to solicit that contact in your printed items and through your website. Put your contact info out there and ask your readers and supporting shop owners to interact with you. That would be good for all parties involved.

But we can’t — and won’t — share any of our customers’ info — including what they buy — with anyone other than those in our offices who need the information to do their jobs.