As you may have heard, there is a worldwide paper shortage right now. The pandemic has caused slowdowns and work stoppages at paper mills around the world. Is this shortage affecting us? It is. It’s affecting everyone who relies on paper for their operations. 

Presently, we have paper in good supply. We’re printing and shipping comics every day. However, you might notice some inconsistency between the paper we’re printing on now and the paper we have used to print your comics in the past. We apologize, but some of our preferred papers are simply not available to us right now. To keep the presses rolling we’re printing on whatever appropriate paper we can find. The paper we’re printing on right now might not be our preferred choice, but the paper thickness and brightness are consistent with our preferred paper. 

What this means for you is you’re likely to experience longer than normal turnaround times. Why? Because we’re spending hours every day scrambling to find –and sometimes having to go pick up– paper. That’s time we’d otherwise spend in production, but we do what we have to do to keep the presses rolling. If there is a date certain by which you need your books, then get your order in as EARLY AS POSSIBLE and be dead certain that you have followed our technical specs to the letter. If your files are not print-ready when you send them to us, then your need-by date might be impossible to meet. That said, we’ll do our level best to meet your need-by date, but please understand that even if the files are print-ready –due to circumstances outside of our control– it just might not be possible if your need-by date is shorter than our ‘standard’ turnaround time.

If you have Kickstarter campaign rewards that we’re fulfilling, rest assured those will go out as quickly as possible, but it might be worth updating your backers as to the current slowdown. 

We know all of that might sound a bit daunting, but we remain undaunted. We’re accepting orders and we’re shipping comics. Every day. We just want you to be aware of the circumstances with which we’re dealing. Thanks for your continued support and we hope to continue serving you for many years to come.