You mean like if your friend recommended us to you and you were wondering if we could do a little something nice for him?

How about a $5 credit on her –or his– next order? Just ask your friend for their Ka-Blam username (no, you don’t need their password — just the user id) and then when you’re placing your order just enter it in the form field that asks if someone referred you to us. We’ll credit him or her $5 that can be applied towards any order.

Now, here are the caveats on this one … You can only credit someone with a referral if it’s your first time placing an order with us. Only fair, right? I mean, if you’ve used a service in the past you can’t rightly credit someone for recommending it to you for future use because you’ve already been there done that.

Also there’s no cashout on this. It’s a credit that spends like cash — at Ka-Blam ONLY — but it’s not cash. Fair enough?

On the up-side though … for the referer there’s no limit. If you send us a hundred first-time customers then we’ll credit you with  five hundred bucks you can spend here!