Let us help you promote your convention appearances!


Simple.  Just make  a video in which you introduce yourself, show and talk a little about your comic (or book, etc), and then lastly tell everyone when and where you’ll be setup. Give your booth location (if you know it).

It doesn’t have to fancy.  We’re not asking for anything studio-quality, although that’s great if you can swing it.   But it doesn’t have to be anything slickly produced or scored with music.   Use your cellphone.   The important thing is that you be yourself and introduce your comic.

We strongly recommend that you keep the running time to around a minute or so.   More than that and you could face a waning attention span.  Also … keep in mind that while your work might not be of an All Ages or Family Friendly nature the Ka-Blam website IS.  So if you’d like your video embedded here be sure that its completely Safe For Work.

Once your video is complete,  just upload it to youtube and send us a link.

We’ll embed every appropriate video link submitted to us.