Looking for a premium item to include in your crowdfunding campaign? We’ve got just the thing!

Ka-Blam now offers silver metallic and holofoil “burst” covers. You can see any example of each in the video below.


Here are a few things to keep in mind …

  1. The metallic and holofoil effects are created by the paper NOT the printing. Which means that we’re printing on metallic –or holofoil– paper. We’re not taking your image and making a hologram out of it. That would be cool, but that’s not what we’re doing.  This also means –as explained in the video– that the “burst” has a fixed position on the sheet. So if you want a holofoil burst, you’ll need to design your cover with that in mind.
  2. Ideally, what you want to do is create a cover design that accentuates the foil, leaving transparent areas for the foil to show through. This could be on a logo, if you wanted a more traditional “foil” look. But as you can see in the video, it doesn’t have to be limited to the logo. Get creative!
  3. To get this effect, all you you have to do is send us a layered file with a transparent background. Any area where you want the foil to shine through should be unobscured by your images. For example, for the cover in the video the character running, the artist’s signature box, and the logos and branding are all on a single layer with a transparent (unflattened) background.
  4. The one thing that you definitely do NOT want to do, is send a cover image that completely obscures all of the foil. That would be self-defeating. In order to print on the foil paper, we have to first lay down a layer of opaque white and then print on top of the white. If your cover image has transparent areas, then the opaque white will completely obscure the foil.
  5. Also keep in mind that since the foil covers an entire side of the sheet, your exterior back cover can also take advantage of the foil effect at no additional cost. Unless you select our Ka-Blam back cover advertisement option, in which case we’ll run a special foil version of our house ad.
  6. One last thing … the foil sheet is about the same thickness and rigidity as our cardstock covers. The interior cover is glossy white, NOT foil.