If it’s a famous character in the public domain — Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan, Frankenstein, etc. — then, yes.

But if it’s a character under copyright or trademark then you’ll have to show that you have permission.

Ka-Blam will print no item containing ANY material under copyright or trademark to any person or entity other than the user or publisher actually placing the order WITHOUT the express written confirmation of a waiver or license from the trademark owner.

What this means is that before we can print any sketchbook or artbook or mini-poster or doujinshi that contains a Marvel character, a DC character — or ANY trademarked character REGARDLESS of ownership — you’ll have to demonstrate to us that you have permission either by license or waiver to use that trademark in your work.


The following numbers might be of use in obtaining a license to use a trademarked character in your work …

DC Comics Rights and Permissions — 212-636-5946

Marvel Comics Business Inquiries — 212-576-4000