The ONE thing that you can do — beyond ANYTHING else — to speed your order effortlessly through our process is to provide PRINT READY files at the time your order is placed.

“Print Ready” means … well, ready to be printed. It means that your files have not only been submitted in complete compliance with our technical specifications, but it also means — and this is the really, truly important part that many fail to fully appreciate — that you have thoroughly proofed your pages for errors. You’ve read them forwards and backwards correcting all typos and misspellings. It means that you’ve got the page files you want intuitively named and properly paginated. Print Ready means that you are absolutely certain that your files are good to go and ready for press.

So if you want to insure that your ship-by date is met then the most important thing that you can do is thoroughly proof your pages and be absolutely certain BEFORE the order is submitted that your pages are PRINT READY.