Coronavirus Statement Updated 4/2/2020


Orlando, FL –where our offices are located– is now under a Stay-at-Home order for the month of April due to the Coronavirus pandemic, so until then our ability to ship comics is very restricted.

But that doesn’t mean we won’t be working. We’ll still be accepting orders, invoicing, building printable documents, and queueing up print jobs so we can hit the ground running once we’re able to start printing again. And of course, we’ll still be available to answer your questions and help you get your comics ready to print.

We’re also going to be doing some long overdue maintenance on the site, implementing a new site design, making the user experience more intuitive, and the site easier to navigate. We’ve also got a few new products and features that we’ve been itching to add to the mix.

We appreciate your support and understanding during this time and look forward to continuing to serve the comics community for many years to come.

Be safe, keep making comics, and do what we’re doing until the curve has been flattened — STAY HOME!


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