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Pre-Lined Comic Boards
Printed in Non-Reproducing Blue on Acid Free, Strathmore 400
Series Bristol in your choice of smooth or vellum finish.

Our high quality comic boards come pre-lined with markings for the live area, trim lines, full bleed line, as well as vertical and horizontal indicators at the half-page, one-third, and two thirds, marks.

Available in two sizes -- Full Size (11W x 17H) or Print Size (8.5W X 11H)

Our standard paper comes emblazoned with the Ka-Blam Logo, but that can easily be replaced by Your own Specialty Logo!

That's right! You can have a specialty logo of your choice printed on the header of your art boards!

Our pre-lined artboards are sold by the sheet.

Order Title:

(Note: If you print with your logo, change order name to reflect this. This will make for easy re-orders.)

Board Type and Size:

Paper Surface/Finish:


Cost Per Copy


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