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Standard, Manga, and Magazine Sized Comics
Saddle Stitched Binding

  • Interiors printed on 60# high bright paper
  • Interior page counts from 4-44 Saddle Stiched (Stapled)
  • Interior page counts from 48-64 Perfect Bound (Glued) *
  • Standard Covers printed on 80# glossy paper
  • Sketch Covers printed on Strathmore 400 Series Bristol 2 ply (Stapled books only)
  • Self Covers printed on 60# high bright paper (same as interior stock)
*Click here for more information about Sketch Covers

Custom sizes up to 8w by 10.5h are available at the same pricing as Standard Comics.

Download templates here.
Please see our Technical Specifications for more information.

Title and Issue Number




Interior Page Count 65+ pages are trade paperback. Click here to go to that order form.

Ka-Blam Ad
You can lower your printing costs by adding a full page ad
for to the back color, inside back cover or interior page of your book.

Please note: This is an advertising buy on our part and in
some rare cases (at our discretion) we may elect NOT to
advertise. If so, we'll send you an email letting know of our
decision. It's nothing personal and it's not a rejection of
your order. We'll still print the order so long as it's in
compliance with our Technical Specifications. and our
stated printing guidelines, though your price will change
since we're not purchasing advertising space.

Click here to see a low rez version of the Ka-Blam Print Ad.

If you would like to have a proof copy printed first, then
simply reduce your order quantity to ONE.

Ka-Blam no longer provides a low resolution digital proof.

Cost Per Copy


Add your Comic to IndyPlanet & IndyPlanet Digital!

Add to IndyPlanet & IndyPlanet Digital NOW?

To add your Comic, please complete the following questionnaire.

Title:            Note: Title Name with issue number (if there is one). Please follow the standard format: For example- #2

IndyPlanet Price: $

Ka-Blam Printing Cost -- $0
We Recommend -- $0
Profit per Copy -- $0

Allow Multi-Copy Price Break? 5 or more
Price pre copy: $0
Profit per copy -- $0
BarCode Options:


Digital Download Price:
On sale: ( Check if you'd like to put this item on sale for $0.00 )
Reminder: Your earnings are 70% of each sale.
Your Profit at this price -- $0

IndyPlanet Digital

All prices are in US Dollars.

[Please Note: When setting the price for your Comic keep in mind that it must be MORE than the full, undiscounted printing price at

We recommend that you set your price to at least 150% of the printing cost.

For example, if your comic is 24 pages (standard-sized) with full color covers and interiors -- and a Ka-Blam ad on the back cover-- your undiscounted printing price is $2.64. 150% of that would give you a cover price of $3.99 and each sale at IndyPlanet would yield a profit for you of $1.35.


Copyright Holder(s) Information:


Series Overview:
[This is the premise of the series in general and NOT necessarily what happens in this particular issue.

For example, the premise of Batman would be something like this -- "After seeing his parents murdered in front of him, young Bruce Wayne dedicates his life to fighting crime as the caped crusader The Batman."]

Issue Summary:
[This is a teaser for what happens in this particular issue.

For example, again using Batman -- "Bruce Wayne is under house arrest with an electronic monitoring device attached to his ankle while awaiting trial on insider trading charges. Meanwhile the Joker is on the rampage through Gotham City and the Batman is nowhere to be found. Can anyone stop the Joker?"]

Paypal Email Address: 

[This is the email address to which you'd like your earning sent. If this account changes at some point in the future, then please update it on your Ka-Blam Customer Profile.]

By filling out this form, you agree that may accept and fulfill orders for this product.

For items printed-on-demand IndyPlanet will automatically subtract the costs of printing and then credit to you 100% of the difference between the printing costs and the price you set.

For comics sold on a consignment basis IndyPlanet will automaticaly credit you with 50% of the price you set.

You also agree that 01Comics, Inc. (parent company of both Ka-Blam and IndyPlanet) may use -- in a limited manner -- sample images from your Comic (both on the web and in printed catalogs) to help in the promotion, marketing, and selling of your Comic.

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