How to get PAID for wearing a Ka-Blam t-shirt!

How does it work? It’s simple, really.

Ka-Blam t-shirts are only $10.

You can order one (or more) here.2013_t-shirt_combo

Whenever you wear the shirt to a comics convention or a comics shop event (Free Comic Book Day or store signing, etc.), just post photos of you wearing the shirt at the event on your social media sites and share them with us. We’ll then add $10 of print credit to your Ka-Blam account.

And the best part is you can keep adding $10 to your Ka-Blam account EVERY time you wear the shirt to a comics convention or store signing.

Wear your Ka-Blam shirt to MegaCon in Orlando and we’ll credit your account $10, wear it again to HeroesCon in Charlotte and we’ll add another $10, Comic-Con International in San Diego … $10! Send us a photo of you wearing your Ka-Blam shirt to a comics convention or a comic shop event and we’ll give you $10 of print credit for EACH event! It’s just that simple!



Here’s the fine print …

If you participate in this promotion you agree that —

1) you will not delete the post(s). Deleting the posts will result in a loss of the credit.

2) only one $10 credit will be awarded per event. If you want to wear the shirt for all five days of Comic-Con we’d be thrilled, but that still counts as one event not five.

3) you will only post one event at a time. Don’t save up photos and post all your events at once. One post. One credit.

4) photoshopping doesn’t count. Fake photos will be disqualified. Also be sure to include something event specific in the photo … a convention program booklet or something like that.

5) there is a $100 per year per user maximum … but that still gives you a chance to earn your money back nine times over!

6) and lastly, wearing the shirt only long enough for a photo to be snapped and then removing it is cheating. Wearing the t-shirt beneath a button up shirt is cheating. Cheaters will be disqualified and not allowed to participate anymore in this promotion or others. We go by the honor system here, folks, but if there are multiple photos of you online at the same event on the same day and you’re NOT wearing the shirt in ALL of the photos … we’re going to call shenanigans and disqualify you. We’re paying you to wear the shirt. If you’re not wearing the shirt, it’s not fair to expect us to pay.

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