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Posted on Oct 18, 2016

Kickstarter Reward Fulfillment at No Extra Cost? Yep!

Anyone who’s ever run a Kickstarter campaign will tell you that the hardest part (next to getting funded) is shipping and fulfilling all the rewards.  But it doesn’t have to be such a difficult task, not when we can do it for you. That’s right.  We do it for you … and at absolutely NO EXTRA cost to you! Just let Ka-Blam print your Kickstarter comic or trade paperback and we’ll ship directly to your backers for you.  You pay for the printing and the postage and we take it from there.  We’ll do the packing and the shipping and send you notice when each reward goes out so you can note it on your Backer Report. What’s more … for the rest of 2016, we’ll even do it at discount!  Let us print and fulfill your Kickstarter (or other crowdfunded) comics or graphic novel campaign and we’ll take 20% off of the printing! And if you’re new to Ka-Blam –or haven’t used us in a while– we’d be happy...

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Posted on Jan 30, 2013

A Note about USPS Shipping Costs

We love the US Postal Service around here. They are our default — and by far our preferred — shipping option. And as is to be expected from time to time they have to raise their shipping rates. They have recently done so. Normally, we don’t even mention this sort of thing. Shipping costs increases are expected from time to time and when they happen it’s really not a big deal. The only reason we bring it up now is because — while US domestic shipping prices showed only a modest increase — there was a somewhat significant increase in USPS Priority Mail International shipping costs. I’m afraid our international customers will definitely notice the difference. We apologize, but it’s something we simply have no control over. I should note though that even with the increase in international shipping rates, USPS Priority Mail International is still the most cost-effective international shipping option by far. Just a reminder, shipping costs are IN ADDITION to the printing costs. The shipping charges...

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Posted on Feb 22, 2012

On Trademarks, etc.

What follows is an open letter I wrote and posted in February of 2012 regarding Ka-Blam’s decision to stop taking any print jobs that contained any unlicensed trademarks.   There was quite a bit of response to the letter … some of it very positive, some of it vehemently negative.  I sort of expected both.   We still get asked from time to time if we’ve changed on our minds on this.  The answer of course is — now and forever more — NO.   We haven’t and we won’t. Barry Gregory   *******************   Since we announced our new policy on trademarks in sketchbooks and art prints, etc. (actually a return to our original policy but I’ll get to that in a moment) a few days back there’s been a fair amount of buzz — some of it bordering on hysteria — regarding the decision. So let me clarify a few things … First, we’re talking about a tiny portion of our business. The overwhelming majority of that which we print...

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Posted on Mar 23, 2011

Directions to Ka-Blam for Megacon Pickup!

Ka-Blam Digital Printing 7041 Grand National Dr. Suite 122 Orlando, FL 32819 We’re one block over from the intersection of International Dr and Kirkman Rd in the SRG office plaza. We’re on the first floor of the only two story building in the complex. It says “01Comics Inc.” on the door! Just a reminder –pickup times are by appointment ONLY on Wed March 23 and Thursday 24 from 6pm -10pm. Please do not come by earlier — or later — than that....

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Posted on Nov 8, 2010

Add a Ka-Blam T-Shirt to Your Order … and Get PAID Just for Wearing It!

With each order you place at Ka-Blam you can purchase one Ka-Blam promotional t-shirt for only $6. Then wear the shirt to a comics convention or a comics shop event (Free Comic Book Day or store signing, etc.), send us a few photos of you wearing the shirt there, and we’ll then add $10 of print credit to your Ka-Blam account. That means you’ll be getting the shirt FREE plus we give you another $4 in print credit! And the best part is you can keep adding $10 to your Ka-Blam account EVERY time you wear the shirt to a comics convention or store signing. Wear your Ka-Blam shirt to MegaCon in Orlando and we’ll credit your account $10, wear it again to HeroesCon in Charlotte and we’ll add another $10. There’s no limit! Send us a photo of you wearing your Ka-Blam shirt to a comics convention or a comic shop event and we’ll give you $10 of print credit for EACH event! It’s just that simple! Here’s...

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Posted on Nov 4, 2010

A reminder and a polite request …

Just a reminder, folks … all order-specific customer support MUST go through the Message Center. We know your order is important to you (it is to us, also) and we know you want your questions answered as quickly as possible. We want that, too, and we try to get them answered as quickly as we can, but going outside the message center for order-specific customer support is counter-productive and actually slows down the process for everyone. So if you want to socialize with any of us on twitter or facebook we’d love to talk to you … but if it’s a question about an order then it MUST, MUST, MUST go through the Message Center....

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