Square Bound Comics and Paperbacks
Also called Perfect Binding

Name Your Item
If this is an item that you've previously ordered from us, place place a Re-Order (with OR without page subs) HERE rather than create a new item. Thank you.

Choose your Dimensions
Please NOTE: These dimensions are the final TRIMMED
size and NOT the size at which your files should be sent.
For more info please see our Technical Specifications.

Cover Stock

Interior Cover Options

Interior Pages

Interior Page Count
2 page increments, minumum of 24 pages, maximum
of 700 pages. Do NOT count the cover!

Spine Width
Wraparound covers are OK, but your book must contain a
minimumof 80 pages for anything to be printed on the spine.
All text, copy, images, etc. to be printed on the spine MUST
be included in a separate file from the cover file(s).

Ka-Blam Ad
You can lower your printing costs by adding a full page ad
for Ka-blam.com to the inside back cover of your book.

Please note: This is an advertising buy on our part and in
some rare cases (at our discretion) we may elect NOT to
advertise. If so, we'll send you an email letting know of our
decision. It's nothing personal and it's not a rejection of
your order. We'll still print the order so long as it's in
compliance with our Technical Specifications.
Though your price will change
since we're not purchasing advertising space.

Click here to see a low rez version of the Ka-Blam Print Ad.

We now offer quantity-based pricing on paperbacks.
There is a price break at 25 copies and again at 100 copies.

If you would like to have a proof copy printed first, then
simply reduce your order increments to ONE.

Ka-Blam no longer provides a low resolution digital proof.

Cost Per Copy


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