Hardcovers FINALLY at Ka-Blam!

The longest promised, most oft-delayed product offering in Ka-Blam’s history is now finally available.  Yes, hardcovers have at long last come to Ka-Blam!

Here’s what folks are saying about them –

“The hardcovers look AMAZING!”
Steve Bryant
Athena Voltaire

“The hardcovers are just beautiful, I have to say again, a real game changer.”
James Heffron
Gangs of Camelot

Full technical specifications are available at the Tech Specs pages.  There are cover templates available here (interior page specs are the exact same as for paperback printing).  Pricing is available on the Order Form itself.

For now, hardcovers are available only in Standard comics size and Large size (8.5 x 11).  Custom and Manga sizes will be available soon.


  1. Fabtastic! they are beautiful! I’ve been looking forward to these!

  2. I’m way excited about this. Will I have to re-send you files for products I already have in trade (I’m sure I know the answer to that already) or just a new file for the cover? How would I go about getting trade into hardcover?

  3. Dang, Those hardcovers look beautiful! And I especially love that you print endsheets! Lulu doesn’t offer that service. I wonder if you’ll offer A4 printing in the future. We’re planning on going back to Angouleme Comic Festival next year and we have to compete with their album sized books.

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