Welcome aboard, AP. Furtado!

Tony will be answering your questions in the Message Center – taking over the roll of customer liaison from Jenni Gregory — as well as taking on the job of front page editor, overseeing the daily content posted to the main page here at Ka-Blam.

Jenni will assist Tony with customer relations, but she is moving on take over all IndyPlanet and ComicsMonkey related functions.

Tony is our first outside-of-the-office staffer, working from his home office in New England rather than down here in the 100+ degree tropics of Florida.

So everyone give him a hearty “Welcome Aboard!”


  1. YAY TONY!

  2. Neat! Yay for New Englanders…

  3. Oh, so awesome!

  4. Congrats, AP. Working from your home office.. awesome.
    Enjoy the cooler weather up there. It sure does get hot here
    in Florida.

  5. Thanks folks!
    Ka-Blam is outsourcing!
    We’re looking at a heatwave here next week so, maybe it’ll feel like “just another day in Orlando” here in da’ North. :)

  6. Who’s this “AP. Furtado” fellow? Not sure if I’ve ever heard of this guy… HA- Kidding. Very happy to have you on the team Tony! Now get back to work :)

  7. Congratulations going out to Tony, Jenni and the entire 01 Comics staff. Wishing you guys much success and prosperity from here on.

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