Barry’s Pick of the Week — heaven/HELL #1

Written by J. Alan Shelton & Jilly Smith
Art by J.C. Grande

Standard Comic
24 pages
Black & White

Both Heaven and Hell muster agents to travel to earth when a holy artifact goes missing. Heaven sends the valiant (if a bit clueless) Mathius, who teams up with Delia – an angel who has been on indefinite ‘hiatus’ for the last 300 years or so. Meanwhile, a fallen angel named Serius convinces Lucifer to let him pursue the item as well. And at the center of all this is one Harlan A. Fellows, a homeless man who happens to find a halo lying on a sidewalk downtown…

The water-cooler stories from the afterlife collide in the dramedy that is heaven/Hell. Thoughtful and comedic, follow the adventures and misadventures of angels and demons, old friends and new enemies, all trying to carve a place in their own little corner of existence. It’s “The Odd Couple” wrapped in a coat of many colors.

heaven/HELL TM and © J. Alan Shelton & Jilly Smith. All rights reserved.

Barry says, “A Vertigo-esque premise executed with panache and no small amount of humor. I picked issue #1 but I heartily recommend all three available issues.”

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