Ka-Blam’s New Press — July Update!

Update: July 8, 2010
After more than a week of sheer frustration — mechanical issues, phantom jams, missing parts, software patches, and rewriting print profiles — we think (fingers crossed tightly) that we’ve resolved most of the major issues that have plagued the new press.

We’re running right now — the print quality is absolutely amazing and the speed is just ridiculously fast. As one might imagine we’ve gotten a bit backed up with all of the problems of the past week, but now that the press is fully functional we will be working around the clock until we’re back on schedule. Thanks in advance for your understanding and patience. Orders will be shipping in droves over the next few days (even drov-ier than usual).

We’ve had to postpone our advanced training courses until next week so we can concentrate on getting back on schedule. After we’ve had those advance courses (showing us all the new features that the new press and all the new software offer us) then we’ll be able to start looking at what new product lines might be in the offing.

Update: June 30, 2010
The techs have just left (after nearly 8 hrs of work) and the new press has now been fully assembled. All seems to be at the ready for tomorrow’s big software installation and 1st day of hands-on training.

June 29, 2010
We’ve had such an ordeal in trying to get a new press for the past nearly two years that I told myself I wasn’t going to believe we really had one until it was actually sitting on the floor of our press room.

Well … it is. Un-assembled and in five huge, shrink-wrapped bundles, but it is most definitely here.

There is a possibility that it could be assembled today (a day early) if the electrician finishes his work in time and there is an available service tech to do the assembly.

More to come!


  1. *v* exciting stuff! I wouldn’t like to be the person who has to put that one together *lol*

  2. It looks great, but can it do the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs? ;)

  3. It’s done it in 11.5 parsecs.

  4. Fire that baby up…San Diego is three weeks away! :)

  5. That there is a thing of BEAUTY! :D

  6. you’re not in the same office as the last time I saw you right? how can you fit all that?

  7. Same suite PLUS the suite next door. We took down the wall between the two.

  8. congrats guys! this is wonderful news :) glad this came through for you!!

  9. Hey ya Laurie,
    We knocked down the walls of the 2 offices on either side of us.
    We need more room!

  10. oh, that looks nice.

  11. We’ve been so excited about what the new Press is going to do for us that we’ve missed the other printer we’re also getting… What does Wide Format mean to you? Other than some bad jokes that come to mind :) Wait and see what the next NEW product well be adding to the Ka-Blam lineup. Any guesses?

  12. Will this enable you guys to bring back the glossy interior option?

  13. Fingers crossed … that will be one of several things this allow us to do that we haven’t been able to do previously.

  14. I noticed that the Magazine size is available for square bounds now, is this all because you have this beautiful new press now??

  15. Actually, we’ve always been able to do Magazine size perfect bound we just didn’t have a designated product type for it.

  16. It’s so beatiful

  17. Looks awesome! :D I wish you lots of luck with the training and everything running smoothly – as in my experience with technology it’s just when you need it the most that the most random stuff goes wrong. ~_~ Here’s hoping you guys miss out on that sort of excitement! *knocks on wood*

  18. *impressed whistle*

    Whoa, that is one fine-looking piece of equipment you’ve gotten your hands on! I wish you all the best of luck with the new press, and that any technical difficulties you may suffer from are only minor ones!

  19. Sweet!!! Looks cool guys. :)

  20. Looks great! Does this mean hard bound will be available soon! Very exciting. Ka-Blam Rocks!

  21. mmm… that’s one smexy machine!

    I just hope it didn’t come in 5000 small boxes with Ikea instructions attached… >)

  22. Yes it did Coffinshaker! And the instructions are all simple line drawings with no written words anywhere :)

  23. OH, that is pretty. I totally demand a tour next time I’m in Orlando, guys. I’m so happy for ya! :)

    - jeremy

  24. Please tell me that you will be able to print on thicker paper now. I want to do a 100 (or so) hardcover books, but the 50# paper just isn’t quite thick enough.

  25. We will be offering more paper stock options in the not too distant future.

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