The New Press is on its Way!

We’ve been hesitant to come right out and talk about this — call it “fear of the jinx” — but we’ve recently purchased a new press and it’s scheduled for delivery tomorrow (Tuesday 6/29).  The electrician is coming by today to drop some new power lines and reconfigure some outlets.   Then on Wednesday the techs will be out to assemble the press, followed by two days of software installation and user training on Thursday and Friday and then by the weekend we should be running at full speed.

Our new press will more than double our capacity as it is that much faster and that much more durable than our two existing presses — both of which will remain in service.   So this is actually both an upgrade and an expansion.   This new press should also allow us to add some new product lines and to expand a couple of others by adding more paper stock options.   We’ll post details on those as soon as we’ve got more information.

In the meantime, please bear with us this week as we’ll all be pulling double duty in trying to keep the queue moving while also getting the new equipment in place and learning how to use it.


  1. Did my comment not post?

    Congrats! I know how badly you guys have wanted this :)

    - jeremy

  2. hopefully gloss interiors and maybe larger posters?

  3. Awesomeness abounds! Happy to hear this.
    Ka-Blam rocks.

  4. ohmai!! Congratulation! How exciting!

  5. Adding new paper stocks? Newsprint maybe?

  6. We will be adding at least one new stock offering in the very near future — we still have a bit more testing to do before we decide exactly which stock it will be — however, I can tell you it will NOT be newsprint. I do like the old school look of comics on newsprint, but our presses are sheet-fed and newsprint in sheets is prohibitively expensive.

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