Wayne’s Pick of the Week–Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit Preview

Written and Illustrated by Rob Anderson Leandro Panganiban Eve Yap Steve Bird Coleen Allen E.T. Dollman

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 20

This special preview contains 3 stories: “Feral” (Animal Control: SCU) – Rookie Animal Control Officer Marita Vasquez must face her fears…and a pack of Komodo Dragon/Cassowary Bird hybrids. “Breeding Stock” (Animal Control: SCU) – Vasquez and grizzled veteran Kaminski discover a warehouse of illegal hybrids that resemble a certain mythological creature. “Girl Trouble” (Panda Dog Adventures) – The unflappable Panda Dog must save a young girl from a giant Horned Mastiff.

Breakthroughs in transgenic science have made patchwork, designer animals commonplace. Animal Control is a dangerous job, but somebody’s got to do it…

Animal Control SCU Preview TM and © Robert E Anderson. All rights reserved.

Wayne says “A very cool world where science has maybe run a-bit-more-mok  than it should have. The animals are all really strange but familiar and there’s a cool story about people that depend on one another in there to boot. “


  1. I agree that this is an exceptional book and should not be overlooked.

    I had the pleasure of meeting the creator Rob Anderson at Heroes Con a few weeks back and as it turns out I became the first person to ever buy his book – the first of many. In meeting Rob I started to get nervous because he was such a nice and genuine guy with a very exuberant personality – I was worried that if I found that I didn’t like his book – I wouldn’t want to tell him. Well once I started reading I soon found that I had nothing to worry about, Mr. Anderson has created a believable and rich world and crafted characters (including a cute Panda Dog) that I really enjoyed reading about. You will be doing yourself a favor by checking out this book.


  2. Wayne — thanks so much for making my Preview book a “Pick of the Week”! Much appreciated!!

    Martin — thanks to you, too, for your kind words! I’m likewise really enjoying your book, Arthur: The Legend Continues. Great stuff for anyone who is a fan of the King Arthur mythos. And, yes, you are indeed the very first purchaser ever of Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit — thanks!

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