Can I Print a Comic with a Landscape Orientation?

Yes … but …

We have minimum and maximum printable dimensions to contend with. We’re not equipped to take a standard sized comic and spin it 90 degrees. So if you’re wanting to print a standard-sized comic with the staples on the short side … I’m afraid we can’t do that. Here are our minimum and maximum printable dimensions –

– 5 inches minimum up to 8 inches maximum — saddle stitched or perfect bound.

–7 inches minimum up to 10.5 inches maximum — saddle stitched.*
–3 inches minimum up to 10.5 inches maximum — perfect bound.

If the landscape comic you’re wanting to print falls within those ranges, then yes, we can print it for you.


  1. If I’m looking to do a landscape format perfect bound book with 6″ x 8″ dimensions, what would be the bleed, trim and live area dimensions?


  2. I’d like this format for a collection of strips so thanks for this great question – hope to get cracking soon….

  3. Is it possible to print a book mini comic size ( roughly A6 page size ) in landscape format, square bound, roughly 140 pages? And if so, how should I work out the charges/how to submit it to you?

  4. So long as the width is no greater than 8 inches we can produce a landscape format squarebound book. Just select “standard size” option and then in the “notes” field of the order tell us that it is a custom size and give us the dimensions you want.

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