Wayne’s Pick of the Week–Coco Gun-Bun #1

Chelsea Mitchell, Writer
Ron Murphy: Artist

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

Our comic, Coco GunBun is unique, not just in the sense that it is a Black comic written by a black author and artist, but in the sense that it is written by a Black female artist. (Apparently a rarity in this field) Coco is a fun comedy book, written in the Blacksploitation style with its roots taken from the strong heroines introduced in that period of American film. Though Coco is a light hearted comedy, the origins of this art form are of a serious nature, and were born out of the Black Power Movement of the Sixty’s and Seventies.

Coco Gun-Bun TM and © Chelsea Mitchell and Ron Murphy. All rights reserved.

Wayne says “This book is full of  fun, funny and absurd anime tropes, one really cool looking heroine. Plus the whole thing is styled like the of like a cartoon you’d like to watch. That’s what I call a Coco-Gunbonus! “

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  1. love the comics ron, greats arts nice,nice…

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