Thomas’ Pick of the Week– Millennia War #6

Created, Written, and Art by Ashley A. Woods Co-Writer: Michael Smith II

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

As the plot grows more intense, unlikely relationships are revealed and the line separating ‘friend’ and ‘foe’ are blurred. Lydia and Irime rekindle a long-lost friendship as Hannah’s and Tomiko’s deteriorates. With new knowledge of another Great War threatening humankind, Saya shows just how much fight she has as she makes a desperate escape from captivity. However, it is soon realized that a menace far greater than Nevel exists…

In the past, the Great War ripped the world apart and caused a lot of the races and species to fall into oblivion. The human race was the only one to come out supreme. Now, a thousand years later, a second Great War fueled by revenge is coming – only the humans of this day and age are no where near prepared for what they thought was only myth and legend.

Millennia War #6 TM and © Ashley A. Woods. All rights reserved.

Thomas says “This is one cool series with much more to come!!! It’s well written with great art. Comeon, just check out the cover- WOW!!! Thanks Ashley!!!“

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