Wayne’s Pick of the Week–House On A Hill Monster #1

Written and Illustrated by Squeaks

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 52

Pumpernickel, the Nightexplorer, was born to adventure and exploration, so a house on top of a Traveling Hill Monster suits him perfectly. But will it suit, its’ newest resident? Or will this be the beginning of a whole house full of trouble? *Includes bonus ~exclusive~ mini comic and extend character and species profiles*

As a Nightexplorer from the Ember Clan, Pumpernickel was born to adventure and quest and where better for such an explorer to live than on the head of a Traveling Hill Monster, a massive creature that is literally an oasis filled with strange life constantly on the move. He has seen danger abroad, but will his life at home with the other inhabitants prove to be even more of an adventure than even this seasoned explorer can handle?

This is an introduction into the World of Pumpernickel, an amazing and an unusual place filled with all sort of curious creatures from gentle Hill Monsters and capricious Brambles to the tiny Pigleaf. So gather up your explorer’s pack and enter into a world like no other…

House on a Hill Monster TM and © Squeaks (aka. Barbara Chapman) from Squeaksland Studio. All rights reserved.

Wayne says “Cute, adorable, expertly inked and extremely bizarre. Which I guess is what your life would be like if you lived on the back of a cartoon monster and all your friends were like weird little monsters. I don’t know, this is all speculation on my part. “

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