How Does Ka-Blam Ship Orders?

We have a couple of different options for you to choose from.  We ship via UPS ,  the United States Postal Service, and  sometimes FedEx for overnight shipments.    At the time you place your order you’ll be able to select the shipping options you desire.

We prefer USPS Priority Mail. It’s usually the lowest cost option and often the fastest option as well. For international orders, USPS Priority will almost always be the lowest cost shipping option.

Also … unless requested otherwise, proofs and quantity ’1′ orders will always ship USPS first class mail.

You will be charged for the exact calculated shipping amount,  plus insurance, plus a 3% handling fee to cover the costs of securely packaging your order.

We do ship internationally. Almost everyday as a matter of fact. If Paypal will do business in your country then you can place an order and we’ll ship to you. In most cases on international orders we will ship via USPS Priority Mail International Flat Rate — even if it means shipping your order in multiple boxes. We’ve found that in most cases this is the least expensive and most reliable option for international shipping.


  1. Is the 3% handling fee based on the total cost of the order OR the shipping cost?

  2. How much and how long will it take to recieve an order to the United Kingdom?

  3. “How much” is entirely dependent on the weight of the order and “how long” is generally 6-10 business days … sometimes less, sometimes more, but 6-10 is average. BTW, that’s transit time ONLY I’m speaking of. Turnaround time is something you’ll select when you place your order.

  4. Is there any way to get a shipping quote for a re-order with a different quantity, before making the order?
    for instance if i’ve already had a book printed, but want 150 copies of it now, can i get a shipping quote before proceeding all the way through the checkout and waiting for the shipping total in the email. I only ask because UPS and USPS are quite expensive to ship overseas. Or should i make the order and not proceed to the checkout, then request a shipping quote for that order through the message center?

  5. Just inquire at the Message Center and someone there will be able to give you a quote based on the specifics of your order.

  6. 1. Can we opt out of the insurance?

    2. So if someone else is interested in purchasing my artwork or comic do they also have to pay for insurance and 3% handling fee?

    Seems like a lot of added on cost, especially if you are purchasing 1 item. Ends up being half of the item cost.

  7. I’m afraid you can’t opt out of shipping insurance on Ka-Blam orders. Shipping and handling on purchases at IndyPlanet (which I assume you’re asking about) are calculated differently (since the prices are in most cases notably higher) than at Ka-Blam.

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