How do I order a custom-sized comic?

Yes, we do print custom-sized comics. For now custom sizes are offered only on saddle stitched and perfect bound. Hardcovers are offered only in the sizes designated on the order form.

Whether we can print your specific custom-sized comic depends on whether your custom-sized job fits within the range of our print capabilities. Which are –

– 5 inches minimum up to 8 inches maximum — saddle stitched or perfect bound.

–7 inches minimum up to 10.5 inches maximum — saddle stitched.*
–3 inches minimum up to 10.5 inches maximum — perfect bound.

To place a custom-sized order use the Standard-Sized order form for either saddle stitched or perfect bound depending on how you want your order bound. Standard Sized pricing applies for all custom-sized jobs.

*Our stapling units have a fixed position — approximately 5 inches apart. We need an extra inch beyond each staple to be certain that no staples come in contact with the trimming unit because that could chip a blade.


  1. Hi,

    I had just 1 quick question on this… How do I define that the print needs custom trimming? Is it defined in the file (as in, if I send a file that has the template specifications, but only shorter in height)? Or do I need to make Note where you put the ftp info and stuff?



  2. How about printing a standard comic in landscape, kind of like pvp comics. What are the steps to follow?


  3. I’m afraid we’re not equipped for that. Our minimum and maximum printing dimensions are discussed here.

  4. Okay so… how do we actually order it? You say to use the standard size submission form. At what point do we specify the size?

  5. In the “notes” field on the order form.

  6. Lets say I want to do a custom size printed comic, the guidelines for the bleed, safety, trim and live area would change compared with the original templates right? Where would I be able to get a new drawing guideline for the custom size?

  7. Only the live area would change. The margins and the bleeds are a constant. So the easy way to calculate for a custom-sized job is to take the final trimmed dimensions that you want and add an 0.125 inches to all for sides to create your full bleed dimensions and then from the trimmed size move inward by 0.25 inches on all four sides to create you live area.

    So for example if you wanted a final trimmed size of 6 x 9. Then you’re full bleed size would be 6.25 x 9.25 and your live are would be 5.5 x 8.5.

  8. Are the custom sizes here (for “comics) the same as those for “paperbacks”? If so, how do I make that order? The “paperbacks” section doesn’t have “Standard-Sized” as an option, only “comic”, “manga”, and “magazine”.

  9. The custom sizes available for comics are NOT the same as for paperbacks. The available custom sizes are explained in the initial post.

    If you want to place an order for a custom-size then choose the “Standard’ option and then include a note in the “notes” field of the order letting us know your custom dimensions.

  10. Is there any way for me to find out the custom sizes for Paperbacks then? Because when I asked in the messaging service, they sent me here once, and then after they just quoted directly from here when I enquired further.

  11. Pierre,
    The sizes ARE listed here. Look in the initial post in this thread.

  12. Ah, okay, sorry. I didn’t see that “saddle-stitched” represented the “comics” section and that “perfect bound” represented the “Paperbacks” section. And that in “Paperbacks” the “standard” option is now available. The sections keep getting updated. :D


  13. I have a question concerning the bleed. I have pages that already have to be printed custom-sized (5.5″x8.5″), but unfortunately they’re formatted as if it was already trimmed. Will this cause problems for my pages that have bleeds on them?

  14. Yes, I’m afraid that will cause a problem. Our presses — like most digital presses — can’t print off the edge of a sheet. By mechanical design the print stops about an 1/8th to a 1/4th of an inch short of the sheet’s edge. So we have to trim your printed comic to create the look of the artwork bleeding off the edges of the page.

    If you format your comic as it were already trimmed then when we do actually trim the printed comic then we have no margin for error and without a margin for error then one of two things will happen — either you’ll have a white border or we’ll trim into your artwork.

  15. Oh no, that’s what I thought. Hmm…if I created about an 1/8th inch border around all of my pages, will it possibly work? If it cuts through, then it may not cut through as much of the bleed artwork. Is this correct?

  16. Whoops, let me rephrase the last question (I didn’t read your last statement well enough).

    If my live area is still in the right bounds, then whether it cuts through the bleed artwork or not, should still be alright, yes?

    Should I just order a test copy and see how it turns out?

  17. Do you charge extra for custom trimming?

    Also, it looks like I could do a book that was 7 x 7 inches or 8 x 8 inches. Does that sound right?


  18. 8 x 8 is doable.

  19. How do you design for the spine of a book of a custom size if we’re not even exactly sure how wide the spine will be??

  20. Your page count determines your spine width. When you place your order the spine width calculator will tell you what the width needs to be (in both inches and pixels).

  21. You mention in a comment from 8/18, that 8 x 8 is doable. What is the pricing for that size. Would it be the same as the Magazine sized pricing on your website’s calculator?


  22. Correct. Magazine sized pricing would apply.

  23. Hi there,
    What about 210mm x 164mm (landscape format) for paper back and saddle stich. In inch, it is about 8.27inch x 6.46 inch (Landscape format) Please advice.

  24. I’m afraid 8 inches wide is THE maximum we can produce in a landscape format. Even that extra 0.27 inches puts it outside of our capabilities.

  25. Okay, so if I wanted a 6×8 comic it would have to be printed at magazine price?

    I’m not using your paper, usually I’d use Manga Studio and have everything already sized up and stuff, but for this project I’m thinking it draw it by hand. I’m still quite confused on the trimming aspects and such.

    (The size may be shrunk a bit just to up the quality of the pictures.)

    Thank you,

  26. It would be standard pricing actually. There is no magazine price per se — magazine, standard, and custom are all the same price, only manga sized pricing is different.

  27. If I wished to make a small paper back, say, 5.5 x 5″, is it possible to have it printed twice on standard size, stacked vertically, with cutting instructions to cut it as two books? That’s about the size I want to print, and I don’t want to make a lot of scrap and am willing to pay more for the additional cuts (though I’d prefer not to pay for the price of two books if possible). Thanks!

  28. No, I’m sorry. I’m afraid there’s no double-up discount. A book is a book.

  29. Say I wanted to order a book that’s already passed through Blurb’s 8×10 limitations. I wouldn’t have to readjust all the pages for Ka-Blam Printing would I? And what if I wanted to propose my comic book to Image comics or an industry publisher, do you guys retain some rights that would make that impossible?

  30. 8 x 10 is fine, so long as we’ve got an additional 0.125 per side for trim. We make no claim to any rights on the works sent to us for print.

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