Ka-Blam Print Ads

This is a low resolution version of the Ka-Blam Print Advertisement. You can lower your printing costs by allowing us to purchase a full page ad in your comic. See the order form for details.

Ka-Blam Print Ad


  1. Thats great. Ka-Blam is the best.

  2. I’ve got a question regarding the Ka-Blam Advert.

    I’ve reserved my ‘inside front-cover’ + ‘inside back-cover’ spaces for official comic artwork from my series and also a one page ad promoting my friend’s webcomics (both pages are in FULL COLOUR).

    Will I still get any benefit/discount from printing costs if I still include the KA-BLAM advert on the contents of my book/mag/comic (whether it be in Black & White or Full Colour)?

    In addition, just where do you download the hi-res version of the KA-BLAM advert? Cheers!

    Kind regards,

    Elson ‘Darkspeeds’ Wong

  3. There is a bit a price break if the ad runs on an interior page. It is less of course than if it runs on the interior covers or the back cover, but there is a break. And you don’t need to download the ad. Just tell us what page you want it on and we’ll supply it.

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