Barry’s Pick of the Week — Mr. Jigsaw #4

Writer: Ron Fortier Art/Letters: Gary Kato

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 24

The wait is over! Mr.Jigsaw # 4, presenting the first new Mr.Jigsaw story in over eight years. Maine’s only living superhero appears in his first ever feature length adventure as he and his pal, newspaper reporter Amy “Buck” Boucher travel to Hollywood to solve the mystery of The Phantom B. A zany, off-the-wall all ages adventure as only Jiggy can deliver. Tony Isabella of the Comic Buyer’s Guide calls him, “The greatest comic book character you’ve never heard of.” All brought to you by writer Ron Fortier, artists Gary Kato and editor Rob Davis from Redbud Studio. Mr.Jigsaw, putting the fun back in comics!

Part super hero tale, part slice of life, Mr. Jigsaw follows the life and adventures of Charlie Grant who can detach parts of his body and control them independently- which leads to some wild adventures for Portland, Maine’s first super hero.

Mr. Jigsaw TM and © Ron Fortier and Gary Kato. All rights reserved.

Barry says, “This is a genuine superhero comic. No angst, no nihilism, none of the barnacles that have attached themselves to the genre over the past couple of decades are to be found here. Just the great, fun, superheroics that my generation grew up with. BTW, there are six issues of this series available at IndyPlanet. I picked #4 because I think that this issue — IMHO — may have the best looking cover of any book I’ve seen since we started Ka-Blam!”


  1. Wow, this is a really nice honor, Barry. Thank you so much on behalf of the entire Jiggy family, especially Nick Runge, the gifted artist who painted this amazing cover.

  2. A much deserved honor! Mr. Jigsaw has single-handedly put the fun back into comics. There’s action, great characters, great humor and a unique quirkiness. Jiggy rules!

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