Michael’s Pick of the Week — The Adventures Of Doctor Zombie #3

Written and Illustrated by Mackenzie Meredith, Brian Meredith, & Erik Thompson

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 16

In this exciting third issue, Doctor Archibald Zombie and Marigold Murray attempt to take a break from their hectic lives by attending the local chariot races. Unfortunately, someone has kidnapped the reigning champions, The Three Musketeers! Now, it is up to Doctor Zombie and Marigold Murray to rescue them from their evil captor, a Mexican Sumo Wrestler called El Motheo!

In an effort to bring about a cure for death, Doctor Archibald Zombie was turned into his namesake by a terrible lab accident, leaving him changed into a brand new version of the undead. Such a horrific accident would have broken a lesser man, but not Doctor Zombie. He just dusted himself off and got back to work. With his faithful assistant Marigold Murray at his side, Doctor Zombie continues his life just as before: performing experiments and fighting evil in the name of science and humanity.

The Adventures of Doctor Zombie #3 TM and © Brian Meredith and Micro Brew Studios. All rights reserved.

Michael says “Finally a zombie book I can handle….I could totally see this on Cartoon Network one day!!”

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