Art & Story Extreme Comes to Ka-Blam

Our pals Jerzy Drozd, Mark Rudolph, and Kevin Cross from the terrific Art & Story podcast series have graciously agreed to allow us to begin streaming their daily Art & Story Extreme podcasts here!

And appropriately enough we begin with a podcast that guest stars … us! Or at least Thomas and Barry. Be warned though, if you loved the series finale of Lost … this podcast will definitely harsh your buzz.


Talking with Barry Gregory and Thomas Florimonte about new features at Ka-Blam, and an extreme rant about Lost.

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Just click the arrow below to play the podcast in this window!

Art & Story Extreme — Lawst!!

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  1. Great interview, Barry and Thomas! That inking song at the beginning was hilarious. I would love to hear more comic creating parody songs. I never watched Lost and it looks like I should be thankful I did not. Great job!

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