Jenni’s Pick of the Week — Let’s go to UTAH!

Written and Illustrated by Dave Chisholm

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 262

What we have here is a road-trip story. See, Dave is an eighteen-year old hapless guy who lives in California. He starts having these horrific nightmares that always end up in Utah, so he decides that he needs to go to Utah, except that he doesn’t have a car. A friend of a friend ends up driving him–Leif…only, the thing is, Leif ends up being kind of a crazy person. That kills people. Hijinx ensue.

This is it! Let’s go to UTAH! #’s 1-9 are collected here in completion! THE TRADE PAPERBACK! 262 pages of goodness cover colors by Dave McCaig (awesome colorist for DC) featuring pin-ups and sketches by: Ryan Ottley, Derek Hunter, Jose Holder, Alan Tew, Simone Guglielmini, Scott Ewen, Adam Fernandez, Peter Markowski, Geoff Shupe, and a bunch of others!!!

Let’s go to UTAH! TM and © Dave Chisholm. All rights reserved.

Jenni says…”Violence and humor abound in this here collection. Plus the author blows some mean Jazz in Utah. Utah, people!!

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