What is the maximum pages per book?

On standard-sized comics (and manga-sized as well) we are able to fold and saddle stitch (center staple) a maximum of 52 interior pages plus the cover.

On a perfect bound paperback the maximum page count is 760 pages.


  1. With this, saying 52 interior pages, do you mean page by page, like each page we send you counts in that, or is it page as in the actual paper that the pages are printed on, meaning one page has 4 pages printed on it (2 front, 2 back)?

  2. Don’t confuse sheets with pages. Two separate things. Think of a book. The backside of page 1 is page 2. One sheet, but two pages.

  3. 52 pages for a manga, correct? I think this amount of pages levels out well, considering 275-300 page mangas is a tricky page number to deal with. One thing I am worried about is leveling out the pages in a 52 page book, that also includes the cover, considering 52 pages would most likely be a 1 or 2 chapter manga. What about the back of the book? Will you all take care of that for us? (I mean like description of the story, etc.)

    I just don’t want to mess anything up before I publish. I’m a little worried about publishing, I don’t want to mess up xD

  4. We don’t supply or provide anything for your book — other than our house ad or IP Ad swaps. You’ll need to supply all of the pages you want printed.

  5. I see. So if we want a back description, we do that ourselves. IS there any way you would want that saved? (such as backcover.tiff)?

  6. Yes. Tiff files, please.

  7. For a standard sized comic, do you count the inside of the front and back covers as pages, and would we have to specify that we want them to be left blank?

  8. Yes and No- sort of :) They are pages, but are part of the cover pages files page count. So a 20 page book would have pages/files named as so: CoverFront.tif, CoverFrontInside.tif, Page01.tif, Page02.tif, Page03.tif … Page18.tif, Page19.tif, Page20.tif, CoverBackInside.tif and lastly CoverBack.tif. That would be a total of 24 pages we’d need from you: 4 cover files and 20 interiors files. And lastly, while this may seem silly, but if you’re wanting blank pages in your book, it’s best that you STILL provide the files- Just leave them blank. This way we’ll know that you wanted them blank, and they weren’t missing.

  9. Another quick question. For the backcover issue I brought up earlier, how EXACTLY would you want that saved? I know they should be .tiff files, but would you want us to title it backcover.tiff, or would you prefer something else? (Just making sure. :) I’m such a worry body)

  10. “backcover.tif” is fine.

  11. Question about page count for perfect binding paperbacks then:

    Its asked an interior page count, but it also says “in 2 page increments, minimum of 20 pages”. Does that mean that 20 pages = 10 sheets of paper, or does that mean that you require at least 40 pages = 20 sheets?

    Thank you!

  12. Leave sheets out of your thinking completely.

    All “2 page increments” means is that your interior page count MUST be an EVEN number. You can’t order a 21 page paperback or a 121 page paperback. Your interior page count must be an even number.

  13. What is the minimum pages?

  14. Depends on the product you’re wanting. The minimums for each item type can be found on the order form for that item.

  15. Hi there.
    In the not too distant future, I’m hoping I can eventually get my drawn series finished and printed in one way or another, and I need to ask, is there any way, with this being a Manga series, of the pages going in the traditional Japanese style, where you would read everything in the opposite direction?
    Please respond, much appreciated, and I’m hoping you will say that it is possible. :)
    Thank you

  16. The easiest way to make this happen to is to simply inverse your page numbering scheme. “Back cover” becomes “front cover” and vice versa. First page becomes last, etc.

  17. Oh okay. Makes sense. So in that layout, if I we’re to choose to have the Ka Blam ad within the book, it would be printed on the front rather than the back of the book?
    Either way, thanks for responding. :)

  18. I’m working on a graphic novel that will be 72 pages (+ front and back cover) and I would like to use perfect binding as opposed to saddle stitching…Is that something Ka-Blam can do per a custom order?

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