IndyPlanet Ad Swap — Fierce

Click the image above to download the ad.

Click here for details on how you can participate in the IndyPlanet Ad Swap Club.


  1. TIF files do not download very well! I have a client wanting to use this in an ad swap and I am not able to access it.

  2. @houseofmuses: I can’t get this one to download either (but this is the only one I can’t download).
    However, if Ka-Blam has it stored on their computers you should still be able to use that ad without
    downloading it:

    “You can download them and include them in the files you send to us or you can simply tell us in the notes field of your order which ads you’d like to run and where.” -

  3. Sorry about that. Try it again. It should be working now.

  4. Thanks, Barry! We sure don’t want them missing out on the ad swap! :)

  5. Gonna use this ad in the fifth issue of JACK OF SPADES.

  6. This ad is being used in Karabear Comics Unlimited #4.

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