Thomas’ Pick of the Week –Rough Beasts #1

Written and Illustrated by Bill Halliar

Manga Type Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 48

Herein is contained an apology to H.P. Lovecraft and various sketches of his hideous rubbery pantheon of hoary Elder Gods as well as a variety of other monsters, human and otherwise. This is followed by a short pamphlet concerning the possibilities of books from other dimensions falling into our own and “Kolchak the Nightstalker” existing there. Then, a little known comic book anti-hero from the distant past, EvilMan makes an appearance. Also, there is a drawing of a mostly nude woman near the middle of the book to satiate those among you with more puerile tastes.

The Rough Beast Sketchbooks seek to chronicle and contain the wild and terrible juggernaut that is the imagination of William Richard Halliar II, the fourteenth Earl of Dunwich and court artist to the Lord of the Pit – Bowellshazzar Nebrious XIV.

Rough Beasts TM and © Bill Halliar II. All rights reserved.

Thomas says, “Maybe you couldn’t tell, but I’m a big sucker for sketch books. And here’s doozy for you. A wild and crazy monster filled one to boot!”

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