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While we always welcome your comments here, please keep in mind that anonymous commenting is NOT permitted. So, please, no “me” or “cooldude101″ or “comicsguy” or any of that nonsense in the name field on the comment form. If you have something to say we’d like to hear it, but to be heard you MUST put your name to your words.


  1. sorry I do not have a comment, but I have a common prblem am sure you guys deal with all the time .I make an at comic Monkey at least twice . And I keep getting this statment from paypal that thomas@01comics has not signed up to paypal .so the money returns back to me . How can I fix this .Did I spell the name right or it’s something else .please with back.

  2. ComicsMonkey is for comics shops only. So most likely the problem is that you don’t have a CM account and therefore can’t place an order there.

    IndyPlanet is the place for readers and fans to place direct orders.

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