Elf ‘n Troll # 7

Written and Illustrated by AP. Furtado

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

As the journey begins again, Perri and Angus, along with Paris, encounter someone they had not quite expected to ever see again. They also learn a shocking truth about their quest.

Perri the elf dreams of grand quests, maidens to be rescued, dragons to be slain, and of hearing his adventures chronicled in song. His best friend, Angus the troll is content to unload ships on the docks of the tiny seaside town of Harborgate and to toss back the occasional cold one after work. Then when an unexpected opportunity for adventure presents itself, the naïve and chronic daydreamer Perri sees the hand of fate at work. Now the only thing standing between him and all of his dreams coming true is a reluctant troll.

Elf ‘n Troll is a thrill-packed, humorous, fantasy adventure for readers of all ages. It is the story of great adventures, grand misadventures, and through it all the endurance of a unique friendship.

Anthony Furtado is the creative guru behind various webcomics including Tween: The Bad Mojo Saga, Judging Man, and host of his own anthology site, aptly named, Underground Pop. His work has been spotlighted in two books about webcomics and has had several comics featured on the ModernTales website, in Heavy Metal Magazine, and numerous independent publishers.

Elf `n Troll TM and © AP. Furtado.   All rights reserved.

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