What is a Self Cover?

Self Cover means that the exterior cover is printed on the same paper stock as on the interior pages.

For example, on a regular cover comic, the cover would be printed on a 70# glossy text stock and the interiors would be printed on a 50# matte text stock. But on a self cover comic there would be no difference in stocks. Both the covers and the interiors would be printed on the 50# text stock.


  1. Okay, so I pretty much understand what you’ve written above but I still have a few questions. I’ve reading your calculator page and it gives different choices for covers and book interiors but doesn’t tell us the weights and gloss for each of these choices.
    NOTE: I’m planning on printing my book in Full Color so my questions will pertain to the Full Color Printing choices.

    1. Is a Regular Cover the “Color Inside and Out” option #1 on the drop down menu, and if so would that be the 70# Glossy Text cover and 50# Matte text stock paper that you refer to in this answer?

    Choice #2. “Cardstock Full Color – Inside and Out”
    Does not tell me what weight the cover paper and interior paper is and whether it’s glossy or not and whether or not the cover is a different weight or gloss than the interior pages.

    Choice #3 “Strathmore Sketch Cover Full Color – Inside and Out”
    Again, Does not tell me what weight the cover paper and interior paper is and whether it’s glossy or not and whether or not the cover is a different weight or gloss than the interior pages.

  2. At present we offer only ONE interior page stock — the #50 Matte — so the choice is for your COVER stock ONLY. “Inside and Out” refers to your interior cover and exterior cover, NOT to interior pages.

    The cover weights are referenced at the top of the page. I’ve tried to add a bit of clarification to the explanations there.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Yes, that helps a lot.
    Thank you!

  4. Just out of curiosity, is there any particular reason newsprint isn’t an option for inside pages? Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I do enjoy black and white comics printed on news print. Could be I’m just nostalgic, but newsprint seems friendlier to the eye, feels softer and it is fairly inexpensive, from what I remember. Not trying to make trouble, just wondering if it ever was or could be an option.

    Thanks, Scott

  5. Hi Scott,
    Its old school, true :O)
    But right now it’s not an option we have. Our machines are sheet fed not roller fed. So it makes it impossible to offer it right now.

  6. I was wondering if the “self cover” is used, could the exterior (cover) be glossy while the interior pages remained matte? I thought that the covers on my previous orders (SCARLETT & THE BROOD, shameless plug)were a tad bit heavy and thought the afforementioned combination would be a great alternative.

  7. Does the self cover only apply to the paper stock or the color options as well? I ask because I’m interested in getting a book printed, black and white interiors with color covers. I know it says on your site that even when only some of your interior pages are color you have to pay to do the whole book in color, so I just wanted to check and see if this applied here too. Thanks!

  8. You can have a color cover on a self-cover bw book.

  9. No. “Self cover” means there is no difference stock-wise between the cover and the interiors.

  10. This sounds just perfect to me as I’d like to use a very different stock for covers than what is offered. But “self cover” comics come stapled, right? So to attach the cover I’d have to take out the staples, apply my new cover and then restaple them? Or is there some other covering method you had in mind for these…?

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