What are Ka-Blam Sketch Covers?

Simply put, Sketch covers are designed so that the artist (or any artist for that matter) can draw or paint a unique, personalized cover on each copy. Sketch covers are actually printed on Strathmore 400 Series Bristol –the same stock as our pre-lined art boards. The bristol cover allows the artist to pencil — and even ink — on the cover exactly as they would on an art board. It IS an art board, after all.

When designing your sketch cover please keep in mind that the best sketch covers will be — like the one you see here — mostly blank and designed to take advantage of the paper stock, giving the artist plenty of room to create.

Sketch covers are now available as a cover option on all saddle-stitched (folded and stapled) comics. With convention season upon us these are a great premium item to have at your table!


  1. Now I like this idea a lot. It will come in handy at comic cons. I would so like to do this and have my artist of my series do one just for me. Keep the awesome things coming! Also love how the website looks as well.

  2. I think these work out well when you do a con or a signing to give people a lot more then just the book.Used it on our charity book The Most Intense Artbook for the buffalo womens and childrens hospital.

  3. I apologize if this is not the correct place to ask this, but…

    for covers, when we make the files available for you to start printing, by labeling the file as COVER, is that enough info for you? That is, if the cover is already created, is it still able to be placed on a sketch cover?

  4. If you name the tiff file “cover” … I think we’ll figure it out. :)
    Keep in mind also though that each book should have 4 cover files. Front, Back, Interior Front, and Interior Back.

    As to a sketch cover … unless you have a lot of empty or white space on your cover already I would strongly discourage you from using that same image for a sketch cover. The idea behind a sketch cover is to give the artist room to draw a unique cover image. If the cover is completely printed then you’re just wasting a good sheet of bristol.

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