Michael’s Pick of the Week — Blackbird: Growing Pains #1

Written and Illustrated by Charlie Fab Goubile

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

After suffering a devastating loss, Antwon with the help of his new family struggles to make sense of it all.
Pinup by: Mshindo Kuumba I

Taking place in fictional city of Grimsburg aka Grim City, Blackbird tells the story of young Antwon Jenkins, who after loosing the only family member he has ever known to the streets, is moved to bring justice to the city by becoming the crime fighting hero Blackbird. With the support of his new family and friends Antwon struggles to rid the streets of crime and corruption as well as deal with trials of being a young adult.

Blackbird: Growing Pains TM and © F. Charles Goubile. All rights reserved.

Michael says “Love the artwork and a good story… A good introduction to a new hero.”

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