Does Ka-Blam Provide ISBNs?

Yes, you can get an ISBN from us for your paperbacks and hardcovers — or a UPC for you comics and t-shirts — but only if you’re going to be offering your items for sale and distribution through both IndyPlanet and ComicsMonkey.

Ka-Blam provides what we call our Point-Of-Sale-Ready Service. This service provides publishers with the ISBNs or UPCs and bar codes — everything they need — to make their products ready for input to retail POS systems!

As all products offered at ComicsMonkey must be Point-of-Sale ready then each product must have it’s own unique product specific identification number and the appropriate scannable bar code. Publishers may choose to provide your own ISBNs or UPCs … OR if you’re looking for a lower cost alternative you may opt for our POS-Ready Service which includes the usage of a UPC or ISBN for as long as the product is available at IndyPlanet and ComicsMonkey.

Our service will generate and impose a unique scannable barcode on the cover (or back cover) of your comic or book. (If your comic has a Ka-Blam advertisement on the back cover we will position the barcode on the back cover ad itself instead of your front cover.)

Please note: All UPCs and ISBNs are and remain the property of Ka-Blam. No ownership is transferred and usage of the product indentification numbers and the barcodes generated is strictly limited to sales through ComicsMonkey and other Ka-Blam affiliated sources. Misuse or improper usage of the generated barcode or product identification numbers provided by Ka-Blam shall be deemed cause for delisting of the publisher’s products, and the reclaimation of the UPC and barcodes.

So if you intend to offer your products for sale to other distributors or though online sites such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble, etc (which is perfectly fine with us, btw) — then this service is NOT for you and you should provide your own ISBNs or UPCs on the products you list at ComicsMonkey.


  1. Just be sure make a note for us in the notes field when you place your order.
    When you place the order you’ll be asked if you wish to purchase a bar code.

  2. Is there an option to provide one’s own ISBN number or does one have to purchase one from yourselves?

  3. You are more then welcome to provide your own ISBN. You can send us the file and we’ll put it on or you can put the number on the cover file.

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