IndyPlanet Ad Swap — Clock Jumpers

Click the image above to download the ad.

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  1. hey i selected your ad for the inside of my book mid-knight adventures! I hope thats cool. My books about a reality tv super hero. I realy liked your ad, it has a great sense of gravity that my stuff normally lacks. Anywho, if you want my ad is available or should be soon. THanks again.

  2. I’ve grabbed this add to include in the first issue of my sci-fi comic, Messenger, which I’m almost ready to submit for print. Hopefully it’ll be available soon. :)

  3. This looks like a great book! I’m using the ad in issue #1 of Dynagirl!

  4. Hey!! I used your ad in my comic “The Superhuman Cases of Archibald Penn, PI.”

    I don’t have an ad of my own posted yet, but I will shortly. I’ll post a comment when I upload mine, in case you’re chomping at the bit for a swap.

  5. Thank you for posting this dynamic ad. I’m using it for the inside front cover of Lore Nos. #11 & 12.

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