Standard-Sized Comics Page

These page dimensions apply to all standard-sized comics pages — both for saddle-stitched comics and perfect bound books.

1. Full Bleed Size
7 inches wide x 10.5 inches high

These are the dimensions that the page files you send to us MUST be.

2. Trimmed Size
6.75 x 10.25

This is the size that your comic will be after it has been printed and trimmed.

3. Live Area
6.25 x 9.75

This is the safe area in the center of the comic page.  All relevant artwork, text, captions, and balloons that are NOT intended to bleed off of the page should be confined to this area.


  1. Quick question. Do you guys print full spread (2 page), full bleed centerfolds in your standard size comic books?

  2. We can do a centerspread, but NOT a centerfold (that would be a 3 page insert not a two).

  3. I plan on using your art boards to draw my comic. So once I scan them do I have to re-size them first or just scan and send?

  4. Hi,
    Depends on–if you are using full sized 11 x 17 then yes, you do have to scan and re-size.
    If you are using at size boards you’ll probably still want to do some clean up in Photoshop or whatever program so after that you’ll send them in.

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