Is there a minimum order?

Yes, “1″.

BTW, there’s no maximum number of copies. Although in all candor if you’re looking to print a large number of comics (say 1,000 plus) … while we’d love to have your business you’ll probably find that a commercial offset printer will give you a better price than we could.


  1. I noticed that when submitting a paperback, the price per book will be 8.15$ (for example), but if we pre-buy 100 books, we get a free ISBN number, and the cost of each book is now 7.15$(for example). If a hundred and one people buy the book, will you make the 101st book at 8.15$ or 7.15$?

  2. IndyPlanet is true print-on-demand, which means that in almost all cases we’re always printing ju one unit at a time. The full non-discounted printing cost always applies on IP sales.

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