Jackson Compton and Jerry Bennett will be at OAFCON Nov 10th & 11th

Jackson Compton and Jerry Bennett will be attending OAFCON and debuting Nadir’s Zenith #2
This creative team will also be helping their friend Belinda Nichols who has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer .  Read on to learn how you can donate:
Sales of the NZ #2 poster prints will go directly to my friend and fellow writer, Belinda Dye Nichols. Belinda has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and has been given 6 months to 2 years of life. Extraneous medication and medical bills are costing the family a fortune. I would ask that you help out anyway that you can. The gift of donations to her PayPal account would be much appreciated at belinda0429@yahoo.com. Other ways to help out? Go to these links and subscribe to her articles at the Examiner.com. It’s free and every follow is more money to help with expenses:
After the story will be a link that says, follow Belinda. When you press that link, it will ask for your email address. Immediately after you enter your email information, you will receive an email from the Examiner. Open the email, and there will be a link to confirm your subscription. That is all you have to do.




Pleae get involved and make a difference!

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