Barry’s Pick of the Week — Rob Hanes Archives

Written and Illustrated by Randy Reynaldo

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 144

See where it all began! Before being re-booted as ROB HANES ADVENTURES, the series appeared in zine form under the title ADVENTURE STRIP DIGEST. This trade paperback collects all of the stories from this original run of the series—9 complete stories and 144 pages (including one NEW origin story produced exclusively for this volume). Check out the early art from the series, watch the art and storytelling evolve and grow page by page, and see many of the first appearances of the series’ gallery of friends and foes. This collection was funded by an award from the Xeric Foundation.

Giving the classic soldier-of-fortune adventure genre a modern-day spin, ROB HANES ADVENTURES is a long-running indy comic-book series about a globetrotting private eye and troubleshooter. Under the auspices of worldwide Justice International, Rob travels the world on assignment, facing adventure, intrigue and romance at every turn!

Rob Hanes Archives TM and © Randy Reynaldo. All rights reserved.

Barry says “Rob Hanes has been my favorite comic — bar none — since I first came across it over a decade ago.   Fun, adventurous, action-packed, and with engaging characters … some of which you love and some you love to hate … this comic is everything a comic ought to be.  The fact that it doesn’t sell in the same numbers as Batman is a crime. Fair warning is hereby given … every new issue of Rob Hanes Adventures will make my Pick of the Week.”

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  1. Shucks, as always, thanks Barry!

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