Back from San Diego and Back to Work

Thomas and I are back from San Diego and back in the offices. We had a terrific time and really enjoyed meeting the dozens of creators (maybe more — I’m still not caught up on sleep and my memory is kind of a blur right) who’ve used Ka-Blam to get their comics into print! We’re lifelong “comics-guys” and it feels great to know that we’re able to help hard-working creators put book on their tables and then (hopefully) into the hands of new readers.

So now it’s back to work for us! Comic-Con might be behind us, but there’s always another convention just right around the corner. Plus, we’ve got some great new products and services that we’ll be rolling out in the coming weeks!

BTW … we saw quite a few Ka-Blam t-shirts in the crowd. If you wore yours be sure to send us the photo so we can post it here and you can claim your print credit!

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