Wrapping up Comic-Con 2012 Orders

We’re looking to wrap Comic-Con 2012 orders by end of day Saturday July 7.

Most of the orders designated for Comic-Con have already shipped and the remainder (of which we are aware) are scheduled for print today (Thursday) and tomorrow. Please note that “of which we are aware” part. This is where we need your help …

If you have an order that you placed intending to have in hand for this year’s Comic-Con but have not yet received that order (or have not received a shipping notice with tracking numbers) then please go to your order’s page and double check a couple of things.

1) check the deliver-by date that you selected. If the delivery-by date is AFTER July 10 and you didn’t include a note in the order letting us know you wanted the order for Comic-Con then you need to contact us via the message center IMMEDIATELY, as we probably don’t have your order scheduled for print yet.

2) if your deliver-by date is June 10 (or earlier), then check if your payment has been properly noted. If the order is still marked as “unpaid” then please contact us via the message center IMMEDIATELY with your paypal transaction number. To the best of our knowledge all payments are accounted for and properly credited. We check and double check daily, but it’s possible a payment may have been overlooked.

3) if your order is marked as “unpaid” because you have not yet paid for that order then you MUST do so by close of business today (July 5) or we may not be able to get the order to you in time.

4) if we’ve contacted you about a file issue (or other problem with the order), then you need to get that problem resolved immediately and get new files uploaded TODAY. Please let us know via message center if you’ve corrected a problem we’ve contacted you regarding. Otherwise, we might not be able to get the order to you in time.

5) if your order is scheduled to be delivered on July 10 or July 11 — and you’ve not received notice of shipment — then please double check that ship-to address and make sure that the order is going where you need it to go.

We’re shipping record orders for Comic-Con this year and thanks to good planning and the hard work of our staff we’re presently ahead of schedule, but we want to be sure that nothing gets overlooked and that everyone who’s expecting an order gets it in time.

By the way — both Thomas and I (Barry) will be attending this year’s Comic-con. Ka-Blam will NOT have a booth, but we’ll be doing our best to meet as many of you as we can so if you’re displaying at the show then please drop us a line in the message center and let us know your booth or table number so we can stop by and say “hello”.

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